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Love Is Colder Than Death: Teignmouth

  1. Tired To Death 3:28
  2. Very III 4:49
  3. Structure 1:49
  4. Town E. 3:08
  5. Questo Mostrari 2:30
  6. From The Fog 2:40
  7. Island 3:45
  8. Abita 2:09
  9. For One Ludwig F. 3:25
  10. Sex And Horror 4:25
  11. Chorn 3:53
  12. Wild World 4:12
  13. Exit Out 3:36

Strong cohesive electro-goth with a tinge of industrial vocals in places. This is the first album where a inordinately large number of male filtered vocals are used in many of the tracks. The female vocals remain unchanged, but the male vocals are heavily altered most of the time. The end effect is that the album sways further away from a pure gothic mindset and into an almost torture tech feel in places minus the hard drum beats or rhythmic percussion. There are a few very danceable tracks but nothing you'd accuse anyone moshing too. Overall another superb effort from my increasingly more favorite goth band.

Love Is Colder Than Death is:
Maik Hartung - Keyboards, Guitar
Susann Heinrich - Voices
Andy Porter - Drums, Keyboards

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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