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Lazarus Effect: System

  1. System 4:24
  2. New Skin 6:10
  3. Killing Time 4:45
  4. Yellow Sky 3:26
  5. Labyrinth 4:27
  6. Play God 4:13
  7. Hole 5:15
  8. Idiot Box 5:07
  9. Waves 5:26
  10. Invisible 4:11
  11. Fabulous Crowd 6:23

Lazarus Effect has eluded in all of my attempts to place a clean and easy label on their music. Just when I think I've got it pinned down and have come up with a review that touches on all areas of the band I heard something new and I have to start again from scratch. They might loosely be considered a coldwave band but the mesh between the guitar and electronics isn't as finely tuned as it could be. The could be called a gothic industrial band from the level of morbidity and angst across the entire album but they sample way just about everything under the sun to acquire their sound. You might get confused at this moment accuse them of being a knock-off alternative rock band but you are constantly reminded of their elusive programming work and lack of strong radio tracks. Lazarus Effect are like a tumbleweed blowing across the western plains, easy to spot from a distance, but difficult to plot their exact movement. Their acute ability to avoid being labeled is their hidden strength and allows them to cross multiple genres to garner as many different audiences as possible.

Lazarus Effect is:
Nelson Pa
Barry Braxton
John C. Benyo
Alan Johnson

Lazarus Effect
c/o Syncartz
P.O. Box 789
Fairview, NJ 07022
(212) 330-8386


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