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Lassique Bandhaus: Matter

  1. automotive
  2. circulat [live]
  3. transitory
  4. lanternslide
  5. mortal/immortal
  6. rotation mecanique
  7. velocity life
  8. static
  9. inured [pink elln mix]
  10. relate
  11. statique [flows]
  12. velocity life [hz]
  13. automotive [2nd edit]

Lassique Bendhaus has got to be the only band that I have heard to date that can be compared on the same level to ClockDVA in the area of minimalistic electronic music. The same type of musical structures and scientific research into the abnormal exist for both bands. In essence it seems that Lassique Bendhaus is the direct descendant of ClockDVA and it's progeny. The sheer amount of music put out by Lassique Bendhaus more than makes up for the subtle loss of quality and direction in the music. However if you are looking for that ClockDVA sound to fill in the holes between the long release periods have a look at Lassique Bendhaus as a suitable fixation.

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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