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Lassique Bendhaus: Clones

  1. cloned #1 (8)
  2. cloned #7 (1)
  3. cloned #1 (9)
  4. cloned #3 (3)
  5. cloned #1 (4)
  6. re-cloned #7 (1)
  7. re-cloned #1 (4)
  8. re-cloned #1 (8)
  9. re-cloned #1 (9)
  10. re-cloned #1 (4)/2
  11. re-kombination
  12. biofeedback (parts 3,4,&5)
  13. information (edit)

All the tracks on this album are de-composed and re-composed versions of the title track, "Cloned". The album explores the inherent musical drift from the parent as each successive rework of the same track is completed and the role the environment plays in the cloning process. A parallel also is drawn between the organic efforts of cloning plants and animals and how it relates to the musical process utilized on the album. A derivation of a theme is used throughout the entire creative endeavor and the end result is thirteen distinctly different pieces of music all evolved from the same parent. The similarities between tracks are present but not at a level as to make each track seem like a mindless remix.

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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