Album Cover

Lapse: Untitled

  1. Withhold
  2. Pulse
  3. III Empyrean

Lapse is the more lulled half of the duo that together exists as Wilt. The debut cassette release also contains the fabulous layout and design featured by other Breathing Walls Communication artists. Musically the thick basslines, punctuated keyboard melodies and haunting vocals remain but, there seems to be a bit more atmosphere and passion to them. While still remaining in the Dub region, each track seems to focus more on subtle melodies and lyrics rather than just the percussion. The end result is a collection of three very well put together tracks which could be remixed into club material with the inclusion of complex sequences and more bass or into disparate experimental washes of ambient brilliance with the removal of the beat. In either case, the music is some of the best I've heard on a cassette in quite some time.

Lapse is: Ryan Kodzik

Breathing Walls Communications
P.O. Box 100579
Milwaukee, WI 53210-0579


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