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Various Artists: L'Alternative Dramatique Sampler

  1. Aufschlag - Medusa Contact (part I)
  2. Vidi Aquam - Good Health
  3. Northgate - March of Swan Soldiers
  4. Weltschmerz - Unvisible Grace
  5. The Dead Relatives - The Pact

I had never heard of any of these artists until I received this sampler from L'Alternative Dramatique. Apparently many of them are well known in Europe and have had no exposure of any kind outside of the old country. The music itself varies widely between artists yet remains well within a solidly defined darkwave gothic style. Aufschlag, Vidi Aquam, and Northgate all share the deeply woven contextual emotion that many of the Cold Meat Industry artists such as Deutsch Nepal and In Slaughter Natives have. They all tend to utilize found atmospheric sounds as a basis for their ambient aural constructions and tonal arrangements. Weltschmerz and The Dead Relatives rely more on down to earth gothic vocals in concert with modern electronic angst to create their music. In the end all the artists present share the common trait of being able to drench any mood with feelings of delirium and sorrow.

L'Alternative Dramatique
Via Resegone, 1
20159 Milano (MI)
+39 (2) 69 00 88 67


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