Album Cover

Lackluster: Flytrap

  1. Choke
  2. Pause to Reflect
  3. Opus
  4. Hateful Stain
  5. Diabolic

Lackluster is a very plain vanilla electro act that unintentionally share a kinship with Penetration era Controlled Bleeding via it's use of short stanza lyrics and jarring percussion on several tracks. The remainder of the EP in a insipidly unimaginative journey into the psyche of this DIY band. It's not that bad for a first demo, but the majority of the tracks don't go anywhere for four minutes and then suddenly end as fast as they began. Lackluster seriously needs to work on how it begins and ends a track because it is such integral focal point on how on an audience interprets the music. As it is each track is little more than fluff and has now real musical significance of which to speak.

Lackluster is:
Michael James - vocals, programming
Michael John - guitar, programming

P.O. Box 18102
Philadelphia, PA 19116


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