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Lab Report: All Your Little Pieces Make Me Whole

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Matt Schultz recently departed from Invisible Records with his now solo project Lab Report to release records on his own. "All Your Little Pieces Make Me Whole" marks the first of what Matt hopes will be a successful business venture of marketing, promoting and selling his music exclusively on-line. It also doubles as the soundscape for a gallery opening featuring his sculptures and artwork. Unlike previous material, he composed all of this album entirely from digitally altered and arranged samples. No piece of this album was constructed through conventional schemes. In fact, I don't even think he evend used infamous Anti-Tank Guitar on this album. This means that drones are not the only musical element on the album. Also included are spoken word samples from Jeffrey Dahmer's lawyer, erratic percussion, muffled feedback and other distorted environmental elements. Since this music was meant for a gallery, it only makes sense that he designed it to accentuate an artistic atmosphere rather than pummel your senses with bowel wrenching drones. He succeeds admirably.

Lab Report is: Matthew Schultz

Lab Report
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