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Krel: Ad Astra

  1. The Hour Of The Gate/Towers
  2. Sight Land
  3. Time/The End of Time
  4. Transmission/Nomad
  5. I Can See Starz
  6. So Long
  7. Star Fall
  8. Green Sky
  9. Satellites
  10. To The Stars

Krel is a solo project from Scotland that is split between mellow Ambient soundscapes and a bit of Space Rock. Most of the synth work consists of long, drawn out chords that seem to last for seconds. Percussion is rare and only appears from time to time, echoing out like ripples from a pulsar in the depths of space, while vocal samples echo erratically between stellar bodies on the instrumental pieces. However, the Rock oriented tracks utilize the usual guitar, bass, drums, vocals that was typical of the Space Rock of the 1970's. Personally, I find the Rock sections rather boring and out of place amidst the stark Ambient instrumentals, but they seem to be used as links between the more upbeat sections of the music. Overall this release leaves me a bit on edge due to the stark musical differences between two primary genres of music used here, leaving me to question why they weren't broken up into two separate albums.

Krel is: Martin

P.O. Box 6921
Dundee DD4 8YN


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