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kr0p3r0m: a9ff

Taking the definition of a concept album just a bit too far, kr0p3r0m attempt to assault our senses (and our intelligence) with their debut album "A9FF". While the album technically contains 97 tracks, both the length and names of these tracks are almost impossible to decipher without the aid of a binary and hexidecimal converter handy. Utilizing a mixture of hacker slang and machine language, the liner notes of this release are almost gibberish to all but the mostful clueful of computer geeks. Musically the album is a mixture of hastily constructed noise and percussion loops that run together as a single composition. The tempo ranges from a slow almost soothing whine, to a moderately upbeat array of chaotic blurps, finally to a seethingly urgent rush of static and bass. kr0p3r0m is definitely not a project for those with closed minds since "A9FF" wanders all the way across the experimental domain and back again with a speed that is frightenly similar to that of your personal computers CPU. So if avante-garde noise projects are not your fancy, avoid this album like the plague, but if you are looking for something unique and new in the digital noise arena that kr0p3r0m is for you.

Decibel Records
17125C W. Bluemound RD #313
Brookfield, WI 53005


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