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  1. Megalomaniac (Bomb Mix)
  2. Anarchy (Fusako)
  3. Megalomaniac (UXII)
  4. Unfit (Death Before Taxes)
  5. Anarchy (God and the State)
  6. Megalomaniac (TVVA)

'MDFMK' is the first single release from arguably the best KMDFM album this decade and most annoyingly named. Continuing with their mischievously little pranks, KMFDM have chosen a to name their new single with yet another play on the chosen moniker. The single contains remixes of three album tracks in the form of club versions and dance outtakes. Three version of 'Megalamaniac' gives us more of Sascha's ego-toting lyrics than most sane people can withstand, two versions of 'Anarchy' give Tim Skold a chance to show off his newly found fame, and the sole version of 'Unfit' definitely out of place on this single. Once again KMFDM give their fans their usual 1-2-3 musical punch of narcissism and commercial Electro-Rock that the kids will continue to eat it up as long as it is spoon fed to them.

Sascha Konietzko - vocals, sequences, programming, loops
En Esch - vocals, percussion, sequences, guitar, programming, loops
Gunter Schultz - backing vocals, guitars, programming, loops

TVT Records
23 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10003


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