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KMFDM: Album Title

  1. Megalomaniac 6:07
  2. Stray Bullet 5:30
  3. Leid Und Elend 6:09
  4. Mercy 5:02
  5. Torture 7:01
  6. Spit Sperm 4:46
  7. Anarchy 5:34
  8. Down and Out 6:39
  9. Unfit 6:01
  10. Waste 3:38

Oddly enough, apart from the intentionally inane album title, KMFDM have finally created an album that is actually devoid of the usual name-checking and mindless rehashing of ten year old lyrics. As with the case of "Nihil", this is has always been because Sascha has recruited a handful of talented artists who have been able to momentarily stifle his ego trip long enough to write some quality music. This time around he has enlisted the aid of one time KMFDM member Raymond Watts of Pig, ex-Skinny Puppy vocalist Kevin Oglivie, and Tim Skold of Skold. These three guest vocalists were responsible for the lyrics on four out of ten tracks on the album which coincidentily enough is the average number of tracks on a KMFDM album that consist of entirely recycled music and vocals. The usual KMFDM lapdogs, En Esch and Gunter Schultz still remain to pump out the Slayer samples and the German versions of previous KMFDM songs originally written in English. In conclusion there is just the right amount of the usual KMFDM silliness to appease the mindless fan-base while incorporating enough originality to make this album worth the cost of pressing for those of us who haven't taken Sascha seriously for years.

Sascha Konietzko - vocals, sequences, programming, loops
En Esch - vocals, percussion, sequences, guitar, programming, loops
Gunter Schultz - backing vocals, guitars, programming, loops

TVT Records
23 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10003


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