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Klavo: Demo

  1. Tourniquet
  2. Suicidal 300

Klavo is the side project of Rey Guajardo and Traci Moody of The Christ Analogue that was originally intended to be released on Manifest Records before it's unfortunate demise. They are now shopping around this two song demo in hope of acquiring another label upon which to release their work. The music is much in the same musical vein of TCA, with minimalist electronics, the occasional guitar interlude and scant vocals. However from there it diverges towards another musical tangent even going as far as acquiring the beginning sequence from Front Line Assembly's "Mindphaser" to accomplish it's programming style. However the music is catchy enough that I would like to hear few more tracks before I would make a snap decision as the originality of the programming style. Overall a very tight and solid project that is only lacking in direction and perhaps conceptual design which given the time to compose more material can only be the natural evolution of the band.

Klavo are: Rey Guajardo & Traci Moody

Attn: Rey Guajardo
602 Melrose Ave East #202
Seattle, WA 98102

E-mail: none

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