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Klange: Green Mars

  1. ...Physical Chemistry of Electrolytes in Solution...
  2. ...Tomorrow the World...
  3. Bubbles
  4. Born Again
  5. 1st Landing
  6. ...The Hallmark of the Positronic Robots is its...
  7. Nightdancer
  8. Cryogenics
  9. Heartz
  10. Green Mars
  11. 7th Planet
  12. ...You Selected this Yourself, at Random...
  13. Space Cowboy

Massimiliano Bocchio is once again taking us on a space voyage through his music towards the various planets within our own solar system. He wants us to visit a terraformed "Green Mars" and the "7th Planet" of Uranus, he also references the science fiction master Isaac Asimov on "...The Hallmark of the Positronic Robots is its...". The music varies from hauntingly beautiful spacescapes derived from the void of the deep extrastellar space, the distorted communication of a first contact experience, and the introduction of a space opera. Klange takes you on a journey much like Synaesthesia or Zero Gravity focusing on minimalistic sound techniques instead of heavy layering of electronics and percussion. The music evokes an macabre look into the mind of an artist who seems to believe heavily in alien kidnapping and close encounters. Not a great deal of musical ground seems to be broken here as many of the techniques used in creating this music have been performed by several other artists who have similar interest in ambient electronic space music.After awhile many of the tracks start to blend together and become an indistinguishable from the whole as if they were all the same musical piece.

Klange is: Massimiliano Bocchio

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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