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klange: the heart/hertz files


  1. heart/hertz
  2. emme tieda mutta lullemme
  3. harjoitus kaksi
  4. harjoitus kolme
  5. harjoitus nelja


  6. something about duality of man
  7. revelations under hypnosis
  8. hypnosis under revelations
  9. marching towards darkness
  10. this/order
  11. purificated by rain
  12. hertz/heart

Although licensed under Cleopatra's Hypnotic label from Minus Habens this album is anything but ambient. Electronic sound deconstruction might be a polite term or perhaps experimental electro mayhem. Whichever you perfer the music displayed here definitely qualifies as true industrial. The dependencies upon modern technology are ever present but the sounds produced and the tape loop vocal samples of such personalities as William S. Burroughs bring to mind the band on Industrial Records in the late seventies. Exactly the kindof music you'd expect to here when you're label mates include The Klinik and Dive. If your in the mood for progressive electronic industrial with overtones of the past get this album.

klange are:
Massimiliano Bocchio - sound de-structurer and alchemist
Giuseppe Iannicelli - image detective and phonometreur

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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