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Kismet: Wake Up Gods

  1. Wake Up Gods 4:36
  2. Assassination 4:16
  3. Until The Next War 4:00
  4. Submarine 5:10
  5. Ortamoa 5:59
  6. Venus in Furs 4:12
  7. Polen 4:10
  8. Post Communism 4:52
  9. Nothing 2:46
  10. Voden 2048 4:36
  11. Leison 5:46

Kismet is band of Macedonian heritage, signed to a California record label and dwelling in Austrailia. How much more worldly can you get? They manifest these world influences quite blatantly in their music. You can hear the Eastern European ethnic stylings buried deep with the modern electronic percussion. Tracks like 'Until the Next War' begin with old world wind and string instruments then break into slow chants evoking a simpler time. Slowly the electronics build, almost hesitantly. as if afraid to shatter thousands of years of unblemished culture. I find this causal mixing of modern music and classical enthology strangely refreshing. It allows Kismet to retain their ancestry while working within the modern musical realm of computers and artificial instrumentation. The old world and the new world mingle together like good friends. If we could only get society to function this way, then we would truly experience a golden age.

Kismet is: Gorazd Capovski, Pece Kazanovski & Ilija Stojanovski.

Tone Casualties
1258 North Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038


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