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King Chubby: Qedeshim

  1. Euronyme
  2. Maira
  3. Coatilicue
  4. Qedeshim
  5. Ch'ang-O
  6. Derceto
  7. Lilith
  8. Athra Qaddisa
  9. Astarte
  10. Dakini
  11. Primal Chaos

This King Chubby album is a vibrant collection of both natural and electronic instrumentation. The majority of the tonal ambience is derived from electronic means while the diverse variety of percussion comes from purely natural sources. All different types of ethnic percussion are used from Aborignal to Southeast Asi and many more than I am not familiar with. Primarily most of the music is very mellow and trance like. The percussion is used more as a meditation element rather than to create an environment tribal dance. One minor side effect of this much natural instrumentation is the 'dirty' sound of the final mixdown of several of the tracks. Technically speaking it must have been a nightmare for the engineer on this album to record this project because of the sheer variety of sound sources. Overall he did an excellent job but there are still a few places where the certain tones wash out or simply sound wrong. In any event, the album is a wonderful collection of both modern and ethnic tones which should appeal to a wide section of the music listening public and should not be missed.

King Chubby is: King Chubby, Ed Bialek, Marc Black & Will Ryan

King Chubby
860 U.N. Plaza 18D
New York, NY 10017
(212) 421-8892


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