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Killing Joke: The Courtauld Talks

  1. The Courtauld Talks

This single track album is a CD reissue of a LP that was one of Invisible Records first releases in the eighties. It is definitely quite unlike any other Killing Joke release ever made. Instead of being a straight forward album of western music, it is more of a spoken word piece with the occasional sound effect or musical interlude that is used to accentuate the ideas behind the hour long speech entitled "The Courtauld Talks". The premise of the speech is to discuss the boundaries of music, the ability to smash those boundaries, and the justification of the artist to freely break down those boundaries to influence society as a whole. For whatever reason, Killing Joke has chosen to try and justify their musical position in history with this speech. Perhaps they really want their audience to be more in touch with their music or rather to simply understand why they used this medium of music to try and express their personal viewpoints on current social issues. In either case, it makes for a very interesting listen as well as an intriguing look into the mindset of an band who has influenced so many over the years.

Killing Joke is: Jaz Coleman, Gerodie Walker, Jeff Scantlebury & Martin Rex

Invisible Records
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