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Killing Floor: Come Together

  1. Come Together (Album Version)
  2. About To Break (Album Version)
  3. Tear It All Away (Institute of Technology)
  4. About To Break (Alien Faktor)
  5. Wood (Christ Analogue)

Killing Floor certainly knows how to bring down the house with the release of it's first single for "Come Together". Containing two album tracks from their second album as well as three radical remixes and a rather amusing bonus track, Killing Floor make themselves known with a vengeance. First up is the Institute of Technology's club remix of 'Tear It All Away', which is totally devoid of guitars. In fact little remains of the original track except for the vocals and beat structure. The IT guys fill the empty space with a variety of sci-fi samples, Techno-wizardry and noisy percussion to make this my personal favorite track. Next up is the Alien Faktor remix of 'About To Break' that also contains a fair amount of added electronic material with the core guitars being pulled deeper into the mix so that they become totally a rhythm device as opposed to the core elements. Last up is the Christ Analogue remix of 'Wood', which is filled with static-laden and choppy percussion with the guitars once again stripped to non-existent. In fact, this track is so minimalistic, you can almost catch frontman Christian Void actually singing as opposed to his usual screwed affair. Overall quite a radically different collection of remixes, each utilizing little original source material, making for quite a diverse selection of music.

Killing Floor is:
John Belew - Computers, Samplers, Programming, Electronic Orchestration
Christian Void - Lyrics, Vocals, Samples, Propaganda
Marc Phillips - Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
James Basore - Drums, Electronic Percussion, Tape Loops
Karl Tellefsen - Bass, Guitar

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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