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Killing Floor: /dev/null

  1. Ecosystem (monkey house mix)
  2. Strand
  3. Two Dimes
  4. Prelude
  5. Never Go Right
  6. Glass (shards re-edit)
  7. What is the Truth?
  8. In Decline
  9. Ecosystem (procreation dub)
  10. Glass (live)

Even been the mood to turn on the stereo at a volume level unbeknownst to man and put on your best combat armour to prepare for the worst in the local club mosh pit? With their debut release, Killing Floor has put out some of the best guitar oriented but totally club playable material I've ever heard. Kind of makes you wonder why bands like this can't get radio play or public attention when the music they put up is leaps and bounds above the crap that is played on the radio and EmpTVee. The stark originality and lack of blatantly obvious music influences is what makes this band so impressive in todays world of everyone sampling each other. Having had a chance to speak with Christian Void about the bands' influences, they actually have many, it just doesn't show in the music. So if your sick of yet another NIN rip-off and want a chance to explore something new, RUN, not walk to acquire this album.

Killing Floor is:
John Belew - Computers, Samplers, Programming, Electronic Orchestration
Christian Void - Lyrics, Vocals, Samples, Propaganda
Marc Phillips - Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
James Basore - Drums, Electronic Percussion, Tape Loops
Karl Tellefsen - Bass, Guitar

Killing Floor
c/o V/M/R
P.O. Box 170213
San Francisco, CA 94117-0213


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