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Kill Switch... Klick: Alt.

  1. Produkt (Mass Market Mix)
  2. Shitkicker (Sudden Vertigo)
  3. Fascist Smash (Below The Belt)
  4. Your Money, Your Pain (Dollars & Cents)
  5. The American
  6. Anger (Plus)
  7. Diabolikal
  8. Konsonent
  9. Memories & Discontent
  10. Atrophy
  11. Rise
  12. A/B Continuity
  13. Kontorted (Hyper)
  14. Thick

Ack, Kill Switch... Klick are back with the expected remix album following quickly on the heels of the rather disappointing sophomore album "deGENERATE". Unfortunately, when you remix all of your own material, the result is always very similar to the original track. Ultimately this leads to repetition and an eventual downward spiral into mediocrity. However this release does have at least one saving grace in the form of new material such as album outtakes and reworked version of old solo projects. Tracks like 'Thick', and 'Memories and Discontents' open a window into the history of Kill Switch... Klick and exhibit how very little the band has evolved since it's birth. As a result, this release pretty much is a death knell for what was once a fairly decent Seattle Electro projects. However, the attrition of band members into solo project and the rehashing of decades old musical concepts has relegated Kill Switch... Klick to the cutout bins.

Kill Switch Klick is: da Sebastian

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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