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Kill Switch... Klick: deGENERATE

  1. Shitkicker
  2. Produkt A
  3. Produkt B
  4. Produkt C
  5. Darkly
  6. Xijix (Sound Collage 1981)
  7. Meth
  8. Kremation (In The Memory of Kelly Wall)
  9. Your Money, Your Pain
  10. Sides Bottom
  11. Eventually
  12. Kontorted
  13. Kortortion

Finally, after over two years since their debut release Kill Switch... Klick returns to the scene at the same time marking the unfortunate departure of Paul Wynia for his previous band Coma Twins. As a result it seems that this album is lackluster at best. There are few upbeat and driving songs that made KsK's first album so strong. Instead this album seems to focus more of Devon's vocals and less than impressive programming techniques. In fact the only solid tracks on this album contain too much explicit material to ever receive airplay. At least the lyrics contain their intense political nature so they can drag this album out of the hole that it has dug for itself. Perhaps I'm being a bit jaded but this album contains nine new tracks, three remixes, and a single noise collage from the band's past and still fails to maintain any sense of cohesiveness or direction. Hopefully KsK is down, but not out and can return from this dismal sophomore effort at some point in the future.

Kill Switch Klick is: da Sebastian

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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