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Kill Switch... Klick: Oddities and Versions

  1. Follow Me (Machine Rock)
  2. Go Man, Go (Klaustrophobik)
  3. So Happy (Original Demo)
  4. So Happy (Statik)
  5. Insemination
  6. deCannonized (Resurrection)
  7. Living in Your Hell
  8. Her Trembling Hands
  9. The Hobble (Original Demo)
  10. deCannonized (Original Demo)
  11. Celebrate the Misery (Modulus 070495)

As you might be able to guess from the name, this release contains original demos, remixes and some unreleased songs from KsK. The songs 'Insemination', 'Living in Your Hell', and 'Her Trembling Hands' were songs that were written around 1992 and have a slightly gothic feel to them and are less aggressive than their present stuff. 'Insemination' is probably the best of these, which develops into a really catchy song with some atmospheric keyboards in the beginning, vocals which come closer to spoken word than singing and a great sound from the slambar, an instrument created by Devin, sort of a combination between a guitar and a percussion instrument, which is sort of like a Japanese stringed instrument. Although you can recognize the remixed songs, there are enough elements that are changed in the songs to make this album worthwhile. The remix of 'So Happy' brings up the percussive element in the mix, and Devin's vocals stand out much clearer than they do on either the demo version or the original version on "Beat it to Fit... Paint it to Match". The remix of 'deCannonized' picks up the pace a little on the keyboards, but somehow makes it less danceable because of the sparse drumming and includes some great funky bass work by the bassist. The remix of 'Celebrate the Misery' was done by the bassist Paul and Mike of Noxious Emotion, and is definitely the most reworked song on the album. If it wasn't for the lyrics, I wouldn't have recognized this song. It has some slow techno riffs, long drawn-out notes from the slambar and the lyrics come as more of an abrasive shout than Devin's usual semi-quiet emotive style. Some of the demos have a strange muffled quality to them, like they were recorded in some huge haunted house and they definitely have a rawer feel to them, like there is something missing; they still are very good songs though. (Kevin Congdon)

Kill Switch...Klick are:
dA Sebastion - vocals, slambar, percussion and programming
Michael Ditmore - drums and percussion
Paul Wynia - bass & samples

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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