Album Cover

Kidney Thieves: Kidney Thieves

  1. S+M (A Love Song)
  2. Feathers

The sticker on this single mentions some relation to Marilyn Manson that explains why it sounds like a bad, commercial Nine Inch Nails knock-off with female vocals. There simply isn't room in this business for another clone act trying to ride on the coattails of bands who have worked years for their music. Then along comes an upstart act like Kidney Thieves whose contrived Pop Industrial experience steals their glory. Just because a band spends big bucks in a studio doesn't mean they have any talent. Unfortunately, this is the kind of music that all the little spooky kids will run to the stores to buy like the drooling fanboys that they are. They have already been brainwashed by the music media titans who brought us Filter and Stabbing Westward and will continue their zombie like procession straight to the counters of Blockbuster, Sam Goody and Tower to acquire the latest fad band like good little slaves.

Kidney Thieves are: Free Dominguez & Bruce M. Somers

Push Records
53 West 23rd St, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10010


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