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Kevorkian Death Cycle: Collection For Injection

  1. Water
  2. Man Made
  3. Veal
  4. Let Us Die
  5. Faithless
  6. Sleeping Age
  7. Send Me The Machine
  8. Spring Heel Jack
  9. The Long Walk
  10. Kill For Christ
  11. The End
  12. Biophobe

One might wonder about the sanity of a band who has chosen to name themselves after infamous euthanasia doctor Jack Kevorkian albeit it would probably be a safe grievance. Yet, with the advent of their debut album on Ras Dva Records, Kevorkian Death Cycle has earned the right to act with impunity. The album, "Collection for Injection", is actually a remastered version of their original self released cassette with the inclusion of a few new tracks. I have a great deal of respect for KDC because unlike most bands they actually practice what they preach. They are all staunch animal rights activists and strict vegetarians and this shows through in their lyrics in songs of like 'Veal' and 'Sleeping Age'. One negative aspect of their music is the astounding about of appropriation they seem to have taken from Skinny Puppy. True, stream of consciousness style lyrics, and abstract keyboard stylings don't necessarily denote a purely derivative band, but when you add a complimentary vocal modulation and song structure one begins to wonder where originality ends and imitation begins. A clone band they are not as they still retain a strong use of choral arrangements, and anti-religious sentiments which Skinny Puppy were not known for, yet the similarities are astounding. Perhaps this is just a case of me being far to familiar with the both case subjects musical style rather than an actual attempt at carbon copying, only time and future releases will indicate which is the truth.

Kevorkian Death Cycle are:
Ryan Gribin - vocals & guitar
Roger Jarvis - programming samples
Greg Ripes - guitars
Bret Cardamone - live percussion

Ras Dva Records
407 Vine St
Suite 272
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2806


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