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Kebabtraume: Neural Earthquake

  1. Targets
  2. Rise!
  3. War/Distorsion
  4. Dark Room
  5. Hero
  6. Real Faith
  7. Cybergod
  8. Immortal Spirit
  9. D.O.C.S. (New Skin)

Kebabtraume seem to have steadfastly embraced the path upon which Front 242 has tread in recent years and have samples a great deal of their music as well to be incorporated into this album. There isn't a song present on this album which doesn't have a sample appropriated from some other electronic artist. Normally I'd be throwing a hissy fit about this type of blatant theft but the album does indeed have the MACOS label firmly printed on the liner notes. MACOS for those unfamiliar is an organization which doesn't believe in copyrighting their music and has allowed all musicians who join the group to freely sample any other member's work in an effort to further the musical movement. In the case of Kabebtraume this seems to have worked fully in their benefit as they have expanded upon some of my more favorite sequence lines and percussion rhythms that I felt other bands had not utilized to their fullest extent. Some listeners might feel that the uncanny resemblance to Front 242 might seem a bit derivative at times but I feel Kebabtraume have put the finishing touches on the rest of the house which Front 242 had only hastily erected with their last two releases. Nevertheless Kebabtraume has produced a solid EBM album which seems to be rarity these days with all the guitars intruding into industrial music.

Kebabtraume are:
K001 - mixing, programming
K010 - vocals, keyboards
K001 - computer, programming, samplers
K100 - vocals, backing vocals, analogue/digital machines, concept

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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