Album Cover

Kevorkian Death Cycle: Collection For Injection

Side 1

  1. Veal
  2. Let Us Die(1994)
  3. Sleeping Age
  4. Send Me The Machine (Mercitron Mix)
  5. The Long Walk

Side 2

  1. Spring Heel Jack
  2. Kill For Christ
  3. Biophobe
  4. The End

Fresh from the Leeb & Oglivie Vancouver School of Industrial Music we present Kevorkian Death Cycle. KDC has to be the only band that I can recollect that can swipe directly from two of the most prolific torture tech bands of the eighties and still sound original. You'd almost swear that KDC spent the last decade studying directly from the masters themselves on the grounds that the music is so starkingly similar it might have actually been written by Ogre or Bill themselves. If you're sick of yet another Skinny Puppy copycat band, avoid KDC like the plague because that's all they sound like. However, if you enjoy the Puppy sound no matter who it's done by check out Kevorkian Death Cycle.

Kevorkian Death Cycle are:
Ryan Gribin - vocals, guitar
Roger Jarvis - programming, samples
Greg Ripes - guitars

P.O. Box 7362
Redlands, CA 92375
(909) 794-7785

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