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Kalte Farben: Opium

  1. Reality Dust
  2. Overdrive
  3. Elesde
  4. Flower Industry
  5. Drywet
  6. Nyztwoc
  7. Again
  8. Suckers
  9. Dreamless
  10. Opium (Defined Cluster Edit)

The label that seems to do no wrong, Off Beat, strikes again with another amazing release in the electro-industrial realm. This album is a little different from many other acts on the label, with an in-your-face and chaotic feel overall; you never have a chance to catch your breath before you're hit with a barrage of beats and noises flying in every direction. It is also a little harder than most of the other acts, with the band illustrating their ability to intelligently incorporate guitar into the music. The only part of the album that didn't seem to fit was much of the track Overdrive' which sounded like a combination of Therapy? and 16Volt, even though the song is still chock full of electronics (and no snide comments on how I know what Therapy? sounds like). But this is just minor nit-picking when compared to the excellence of the entire album. There is a slight resemblance to Skinny Puppy (but then again, what self-deserving band doesn't encounter that problem), especially on the second half of the track Drywet' and the track Nyztwoc ' with their meshing of strange sounds and samples that leave a very disturbing impression. And like many of the acts on the Off Beat roster, this band refuses to be stuck in just one style of music, moving from straight ebm tracks to songs that combine ambient and classical styles quite effectively, while still maintaining a strong structuredness to the album. (Kevin Congdon)

Kalte Farben is: Ingo Beitz - all music, instruments, lyrics, vox

Off Beat Records
Horster Strasse 27
45897 Gelsenkirchen-Buer


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