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Kaleidophone: Borders

  1. Mild Million 9:48
  2. Small Slant 2:11
  3. Fast Chime Interrupt 1:48
  4. Kristall Dub 8:02
  5. Flashback Interrupt 0:55
  6. Flaschengeist 2:33
  7. Border 6:25
  8. Backward Fragm Interrupt 1:40
  9. Early Morning Tea 7:01
  10. Odd Chatterings 3:04
  11. Passing Nightfines 8:16
  12. Bitter Blood/Fight 3:54
  13. Glacee and End 1:23

Kaleidophone has put together an extra mellow album which almost borders on being classified as new age because of it's happy go lucky mentality. Perky is also an excellent one word description of the music which although ambient in nature also has the ability to become extremely upbeat at times. This is the type of music you might expect as the soundtrack to animated childrens film or fairy tale. A few of the tracks are a little noisy at times but they always return to the same felicity from which they sprang. It is totally devoid of vocals of spoken word samples yet full of appropriated organic sounds. It's difficult to formulate any real solid opinion of this album because it is so drastically different thematically from anything else on the Minus Habens label. Perhaps it is better to leave the opinion up to you as the audience rather than allow my judgement get in the way. The sheer novelty of the album is maybe the best reason to give it a listen because I can honestly say that I haven't heard anything quite like it before.

Kaleidophone is: Michael Gianfreda

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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