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Johann Heyss: Look Carefully

  1. Om Venus
  2. Ne me laisse pas l'aimer
  3. Taj Mahal
  4. Laylah!
  5. Touch Me
  6. The Winter Song
  7. Cormaat
  8. Imagens no Espelho
  9. Incubus et Sucubus
  10. Wave of Love
  11. The Shine
  12. Mysterium Conjunctionis
  13. Lenda

While definitely not your mother's dance music, Johann Heyys most certainly is well mired in the club scene. Drum'n'Bass is the genre of choice, with a little ethnic flair and other oddities like samples of cows. The simplicity and rather eccentric sounds, however, make for a difficult listen. The rather placid and uninspiring vocals are not that interesting either. While the ideas and sounds behind "Look Carefully" are well intentioned, the execution leaves a great deal to be desired. The basslines and drum loops are monotonous, and at times the album appears to have been written on extremely dated equipment. In the end, this makes for a rather haphazard collection of songs with little or no cohesive value. The disjointed nature of music is simply too overpowering.

47 Productions
1007 Thompson St. 1C
New York, NY 10012


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