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James Ray and The Performance & Gangwar: Best Of

  1. Mexico Sundown Blues
  2. Texas
  3. Mountain Voices (Remix)
  4. Dust Boat
  5. Edie Sedgwick
  6. Rev Rev Lowrider
  7. Heart Surgery
  8. 35 Thousand Times
  9. Badlands
  10. Hardwar
  11. Cadillac Coming
  12. Bad Gin
  13. Santa Susanna
  14. Coo Ca Choo

I'm still at odds over whither or not the concept of a gothic electro band with country overtones that James Ray exhibits is successful. On one side, the music is a re-release of two older albums from 1986-89 so the material naturally sounds dated to some extent. On the other is the fact that the music is entirely electronic and five of the tracks were produced in part by Andrew Eldritch of Sisters of Mercy. The majority of the tracks have a distinct southwestern influence as is evident in the track titles and the lyrics. Normally I'd find that a consummate detractor to any music I listen to but since the vocals of James Ray are gothic to the core rather than a country redneck twang it actually adds a great deal of down home atmosphere to the music. However I tend to enjoy a little grit and modern angst in my music and James Ray seems to be lacking in this arena. The music is by no means perky or upbeat but rather morbidly drab. It is totally devoid of any vehement intensity and instead relies on a solid laid back musical approach that works well for the music.

James Ray and The Performance & Gangwar are:
James Ray - vocals
Damon Vingoe - bass
Travis Earl - guitars
J.B. Ridge - guitars

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Ben Franklin Station
Washington DC 20044


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