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Jagd Wild: Come Join The Hunt

  1. Cry For Salvation
  2. Collapse
  3. Hallowed Past
  4. Longest Night
  5. Luring Fear
  6. Iron World Blues
  7. Come Join The Hunt
  8. Iron Fist
  9. Assume The Position
  10. Loud Blows Heimdall

Jagd Wild return after recently signing with KSM Records to release a digitally remastered version of their original demo tape. One of the few complaints I had with this release in the past was it's dubious sound quality which is now totally absent on the new compact disc format. The musical style remains within the same genre which is to be expected since these are the identical tracks that appeared on the demo but there appears to have been something more added. My best guess would be that the majority of the tracks have been totally rewritten from scratch to increased their audio quality. As a result, certain elements of sound which were absent in the static of the past are now present on this new medium. These elements add more depth to the album and ultimately allow for the nordic mythological theme to blossom firvantly. However the album still remains as something which is not for everyone with its norse context and mellow approach to music construction. Yet if you have an open mind and the willingness to try something altogether new, than perhaps Jagd Wild might be something you ought to experience. (Jester)

This release has a very brooding, somber and epic atmosphere to it, and is somewhat similar to Project Pitchfork with its slight gothic overtone throughout. Many of the tracks include some booming drums which give an added dark flavor to the music, reminiscent of Laibach at times. There is a very Celtic (or more accurately a Nordic flavor) during much of the album and includes some Nordic mythological references on the last track Loud Blows Heimdall'. The whole album reveals itself more as a journey or a story being unfolded than just a simple electro-industrial album made for the dance floor; in fact the track Iron First' is probably one of the few songs you could consider danceable. There is not a lot of variety in the vocals and the lyrics are a little weak in some places (such as the track Iron World Blues), but they do help in adding a menacing factor to the music. (Kevin Congdon)

Jagd Wild are:
Bryan Kortess - vocals, programs, keyboards and drums
John J. Berthold - vocals and omniscience
Eric Knitter - samples and technical support

Jagd Wild
2809 East Hamilton Ave Box 123
Eau Claire, WI 54701


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