Album Cover

Jagd Wild: Jagd Wild

Side 1:

  1. Collapse
  2. Assume The Position
  3. Lurking Fear
  4. The Longest Night

Side 2:

  1. Loud Blows Heimdall
  2. Come Join The Hunt
  3. Iron World Blues
  4. Cry For Salvation

Talk about an the unexpected, who in their right mental state of existence have ever thought to conceive an electro industrial band whose primary area of interest lays in utilizing Norse mythology into modern electronic genre. However, Jagd Wild have done just this, and excessively well I might add. In some sick twisted way I actually fell into a laughing fit trying to imagine a group of viking warlords in the middle of Scandinavia with a few dozen drum machines and sequencers composing music to pass along their religious believes via DAT instead of word of mouth. No matter how stupid that visualization might sound the bands manages to pull off the concept amazingly well. Even the electronic percussion appears to sound like it could have existed right along side the more traditional instruments of the Scandinavian culture. I have to give Jagd Wild a great deal of credit for designing, developing and implementing a truly original feel to their music without sacrificing the cohesiveness of the music and ending up sounding very tacky.

Jagd Wild
E9874 Co. Hwy EE
Elk Mound, WI 54739
Fax (715) 836-3945


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