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Ivoux: Frozen

  1. The White Witch
  2. Proserpina
  3. Rusalka
  4. Emily
  5. Sif
  6. Yuki Onna
  7. Koturine
  8. Holle
  9. Snow Queen

Ivoux is the first in a series of themed side projects by the members of Battery. This time around, the trio has chosen nine different female snow themes upon which to base their compositions. Each track was rigorously researched and copious liner notes describe each heroine or villaness as well as include the vocals. Musically the music is stark, minimal, and cold. Only Maria lends her voice to this project, allowing Shawn and Evan to focus solely on the music. Most of her vocals exhibit her stellar singing voice which we hear little of in Battery, where she often utilizes a more aggressive tone. "Frozen" is certainly the most Gothic release produced by this trio, albeit it shares more in common with the Darkwave and Ethereal scenes than true Gothic music due to it's lack of guitars. Nevertheless, both the theme and the music are very Gothic in nature, ensuring that Ivoux will be a favored release by Goth and female vocalist fans alike.

Ivoux is: Maria Azvedo, Shawn Brice & Evan Sornstein

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