Album Cover

It: Era Vulgaris

  1. Meridiana
  2. Nionica (Unknown Ratio)
  3. Air
  4. The Measure of a Dog
  5. Temporary Irritation
  6. Out of Sight
  7. Cycloviran
  8. Phosphor
  9. Human Womb
  10. Exhibition
  11. Arentostrate
  12. Biotoy
  13. Thessaloniki
  14. Multiple Session
  15. Combacterion

My first experience with It was on the Virtual Reality Handbook compilation where I could have sworn the band was a secret side project of ClockDVA. It utilized many of the same sound construction techniques that gave Adi Newton and ClockDVA it's name. As it turns out It was not a cloak and dagger project but the solo project of Ivan Iusco, founder of Minus Habens Records. Once again, as on his side project Nightmare Lodge, Ivan has decided to refrain from the use of vocals of any kind and instead explore the realm of the ethereal ambience. The title of the album is derived from Latin and translates literally to "The General Woman", or more appropriately, "The Common Lady". Why this name was chosen is beyond the comprehension of this reviewer as all the tracks on the album itself are derived from Greek, Italian, and English and tend to focus more on single abstract ideas rather than on one central theme. The album itself doesn't seem to have on particular chosen style of ambient music instead relaying on the placement of strong percussive beats in some places and the total absence of any beats in other tracks. There are no real stand out tracks or elements used at all other than the strong ClockDVA influence as referenced earlier. Definitely an intriguing project but devoid of any liner note information which the audience could use to discern to the intent and direction of the music.

It is: Ivan Iusco

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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