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Ish: Red

  1. Red (Original Mix) 4:21
  2. Red (Warm Mix) 4:49
  3. Red (RotterDAMn! Remix) 4:29
  4. Red (Get You Twice) 4:23
  5. Run (1998 Remix) 4:20

Ish is the kind of band you'd expect to hear in all the trendy clubs in Manhattan. Instead they released a debut single on a New Jersey Industrial label. The music is much more conducive to the urban dance scene even if it utilizes some of the harsher and more aggressive elements more commonly found in Electro. All four remixes of the title track 'Red' are radically different, varying in speed and tempo, but ontain the staple 4/4 bassline that marks the music as commercial Techno. Only the Crocodile Shop remix contains such a radical reworking of the track to be truly called a Industrial remix. About the only thing left of the song in the mix are a few vocal samples and cymbals. Everything else is stripped down, mixed out, replaced, re-written, or removed. The single non-title track on the release utilizes more of the Hip-Hop and Urban Dance elements that merge into a frenzied array of percussion, assaults the body with it's ferocity. While the original mix of the title track leaves a lot to be desired, all of the remixes and the bonus track have perked my curiousity enough to wonder what a full length album from this due would sound like.

Ish is:
MBJ - voice, electronics
DJB - electronics, voice

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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