Album Cover

Iron Halo Device: The Collapsing Void

  1. Eyespark, The Man
  2. Intruding The Skin
  3. The Collapsing Void
  4. An Empty Anthem
  5. The Abduction of Winter
  6. The Expanding Void
  7. Red Memory
  8. A Passion Vesse

"The Collapsing Void" has two distinct segments. The first half of the album consists of a live performance composed entirely of samples taken from other bands. Within the first minutes of album one hears obvious elements borrowed from Nine Inch Nails and Dead Can Dance. The easily identified samples and the detailed letters from music industry lawyers contained within the liner notes show that Iron Halo Device is definitely not a band that fears litigation. The second half of the album was written in the studio utilizing the same guerilla recording techniques. Most of the sample material, however, is based on slowed or accelerated percussion and drones. rather than than readily identifiable sounds. Yet the trained ear can hear a bit of Lustmord on 'The Abduction of Winter' so the samples are not that well masked. We should applaud Iron Halo Device for their daring sample based construction techniques compiled by DJ Stone Glass "Steal" and dedicated to the artists that may have contributed unknowingly.

Iron Halo Device is: Philip T. Easter

Malignant Records
P.O. Box 5666
Baltimore, MD 21210


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