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Indian Rope Burn: Sex Party

  1. ecstasy
  2. red light
  3. techno-boredom
  4. throwonthealter
  5. voodoo doll
  6. thinking 'bout the future
  7. crying muscle
  8. decide for yourself
  9. flying past the window
  10. sex party

Having talked to Mike Crooker, the guitarist of this band, he describes Indian Rope Burn in one word, Irony, how aptly put. This release reminds me of a punky Thrill Kill Kult, with guitars and live drums. They poke fun of drug usage, sex, the MTV generation while putting out a very good, clean sounding product. The album liner is covered with bananas wearing condoms, and graphics of topless women cavorting around. Definitely a band who knows how to poke fun of themselves and life in general.

My favorite tracks include 'techno-boredom' which includes a background drumbeat sounding very familiar to the NIN Head Like a Hole backbeat, although heavily layered. Very good dancy track with Videodrome samples, and television generation lyrics. I also enjoyed 'crying muscle' an all spoken word sample track poking fun at television ministries, and their scam methods. If you like the light to medium guitar industrial sound, with a slight taste of dance and punk, check out this CD

Indian Rope Burn is:
Clay Mation - vocals, words
Mike Crooker - guitar, keys, samples, music
Gerard Dominick - bass
Bob Szeles - drums

Indian Rope Burn
P.O. Box 1784
Kent, OH 44240
(216) 673-6196


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