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Ipecac Loop: eX

  1. Ipecac (All of It) 2:02
  2. Clusterfuck 4:48
  3. Again and Again 4:38
  4. Blinded 2:09
  5. Out of My Spine 4:54
  6. Backbreaker 6:40
  7. Mountains and Fleas 2:28
  8. Vacuum 7:34
  9. Music Box 1:03
  10. Blur 6:50
  11. Repress 4:49

Stumbling into the bathroom looking for something to calm you stomach you mistakenly pick up a bottle of Ipecac Loop and down the entire container thus beginning a journey into the musical paradigm that is the home of Cameron Lewis. Percolating trickles of ambience drip from extreme heights into a swirling pool of radiance sound. Focusing on a minimalistic approach to sound construction Ipecac Loop provides access to realm where a lack aural depth doesn't deter from the overall quality of the music. Overall a very solid first release for a band whose only previous musical releases where on the RMI CD's. The talent is obvious otherwise how do you justify a record contract so soon? Definitely one of the new breed of up and coming ambient experimental artists.

Ipecac Loop is: Cameron Lewis

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044


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