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Involution: Involution

  1. 323.3 KHz 4:13
  2. Mow 3:44
  3. Clairaudience 4:48
  4. Coin 3:06
  5. Centerside 4:00
  6. Trapeezeeoh 3:43
  7. Smack My Birch 4:29
  8. Tonto, King of Mango Land 4:17
  9. Acid Clambake 7:02
  10. Blind Timefold 3:29
  11. Licked on by Chicken 4:08
  12. Hobeeb Hair 3:05
  13. Sickmansucker 4:13

After his relocation to Los Angeles, Cevin Key kept himself busy with this collaborative attempt masterminded by Paris, formerly of Christian Death. Following in the footsteps of Download and Cevin's solo material, Involution is another album of abstract electronics, none remotely suited for club play. Instead Key and Paris focus on subtleties of composition, non-standard time signatures and tracks titles derived from pets. 'Clairaudience' sums up the context of this album. This subdued Drum'n'Bass rhythm and matching keyboard chord builds for a minute, then off time staccato drums suddenly assault and that drive away the keyboard sections only replace them with a new drum pattern. This track changes meter at least six times including a bit of mix metering when sections of the track collide in a frenzy of drums. Key uses minimalism with calculating brilliance on this album, to the point of obsession. The cadence changes are also just as frequent and precisely executed. After several albums of mediocre material, all it took was the inclusion of new blood for Key's programming skills to once again shine through.

Involution is: Cevin Key, Paris & Bree

Tone Casualties
1258 North Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038


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