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Various Artists: Interiors

  1. ELpH - Gnomic Verses
  2. Project Dark - Spring of Thigh's Rest
  3. Mick Harris - No Stoic Dub
  4. Screwtape - Tongs
  5. Tactiles - Undine
  6. Gold Water - Fractured Break
  7. Antonym - Frost Lay Upon The Earth
  8. Creature Box - Horse Startled By Lightning
  9. Mika Vaino - Bovobrisk
  10. Spacemarker - Impossible Geometry
  11. COH - C Is For Sleep
  12. Little Annie - Thirteen Things I Did Today

"Interiors" is one of the most diverse, but startlingly cohesive compilations I have experienced. Members of Coil, Scorn, Tactile, Eyeless in Gaza, Pan Sonic, and even Annie Anxiety contribute solo and side project material ranging from oddly groovy to downright bizarre. Of course, there are the predictable dub stylings of Mick Harris and caustic minimalism of Mika Vaino, but they throw out all the rules with the rubbish for the rest of the material. Various members of Coil offer their unique insight, Drew McDowall's Screwtape project offers a subtle arrangement of subdued and muffled Drum'n'Bass. Jon Balance's vocal contribution to John Everall's Spacemarker project is downright unsettling. The various members of Tactile are also busy with no less than four contributions in various forms. This artistic collaboration is what glues the normally distinct tracks together and makes "Interiors" work as if it was a concept compilation.

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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