Album Cover

Various Artists: Instant Shoggoth

Side 1:

  1. Dogstar Communications - Sleaze-a-rama
  2. Lifegarden - Give Back My Arms
  3. Never - Composing Entrance Through Awareness
  4. Not Breathing - Nuncio
  5. Crawl Unit - Spiral Scar
  6. Illusion of Safety - Ohme
  7. Trance - Bee in the Bonnet

Side 1:

  1. Tekachi - Beyond the Wall of Sleep
  2. Then Tingari - death
  3. Blazen y Sharp - La Guera Baila
  4. Gravitar - Untitled
  5. Amalthea - Siren
  6. AA23 - Reflection of Our Sumer's Misery
  7. Bloom - Exodus
  8. Pirate Audio - Acid Exit

Instant Shoggoth is a ninety minute cassette compilation conceived and executed by David Wright of not breathing. While just released recently, the actual planning of this compilation has been a long time in the works. Packaged in a silk screened cornsilk bag with liner notes spread across three insert cards, this release has a very low-tech feel to it. However, the production quality of the music is anything but shoddy.

While the music consists of genres that would normally have a rather difficult transfer to the analogue media of the cassette, in actuality, the music seems to benefit from it instead. The minor tape hiss actually serves to accentuate the warm fuzziness of the music, thereby allowing such artists as Illusion of Safety and Crawl Unit to benefit from the fidelity of the media rather than suffer.

Musically the tracks ranges from pulsating white noise and semi-structured analogue ambient noodlings to altered acoustic signals and beat driven subversive techno. Instant Shoggoth is a definite must for those who favor the more guerilla nature of underground experimental music and should not be ignored by anyone looking for a release that is both unique as it is groundbreaking.

Instant Shoggoth
P.O. Box 64545
Tucson, AZ 85728


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