INSTAGON: The Most Creative Thing I've Ever Seen In A Slight English Accent

  1. WSB10.93 00:16
  2. THEE BLOOD OV 33:26
  3. MORE MUSICUS 04:50
  5. COYOTE 00:26

This 75 minute epic in noise and tribal sounds is wonderful. Especially for having sex to. The 2 really long tracks were recorded live with no overdubs and sounds remarkably like fine old school industrial music, ala Throbbing Gristle. The opening cut is a welcome from William S. Burroughs in all his ancient glory wishing good luck to Instagon. The packaging for this release is really pretty, in comes in a 7" fold out sleeve printed by Dagon Productions. It is filled with artwork, and a booklet with information about the project and Thee Instagon Foundation itself. The remarkable thing about this release is the return of THEE TEMPLE OF PSYCHIC YOUTH. This a North American TOPY release. The 1st of it's kind and it is very nice, very much unlike the silly dance music that most TOPY groups (PTV,PWOG,EDEN224) have been releasing in the past few years this one goes back to basics and shows you what ritual music and spontaneous interaction between player is supposed to be like.

For this project Instagon were:
Lob, Opus, PEEK, Myke, Quest, Christopher, tm., Will, Rage, Sock, DAT, Andy, Warthog, Jeff, McMillan, Cutie, Pie, Jason, Stein, Sharon, 444, Rev., Lothar, Thad, Matson, Joy, Lew, WSB, & Tom

Thee Instagon Foundation
P.O. Box 894
Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 554-2804 ext 23


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