Album Cover

Insight 23: Obsess

  1. CD-ROM Interactive Press Kit
  2. Promise
  3. Disease
  4. Dying in the Alley
  5. Two More Reasons
  6. Backwash
  7. If...
  8. Unforgiven
  9. The Hurt Hate Lies
  10. Thinner
  11. Digital Blood
  12. Obsess

Another recently signed Fifth Column band that I have had the pleasure of listening to prior to their actual signing. Obsess remains mostly in its original format with the song order changed and a few songs added while others removed. This seems to be a constant when an artist re-releases a album on a major label to scrap a few tracks and record a few new ones. Insight 23 has definitely gone out of it's way to create a sound almost totally devoid on influences or comparisons. They are also another one of the seemingly few bands who can mix guitars and electronics together and not end up with the guitars washing out all the technology used to create the music. Other than the use of the number 23 in the name of the band, the entire concept is refreshingly original. If there is one thing that I am certain of is that Insight 23 will be one of the ground breaking forces in the evolvement of the new industrial sound.

Insight 23 are:
John Whatley - guitars, programming, samples
Blayne - lyrics, voice
Brittain Alexander - percussion, metal

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Ben Franklin Station
Washington D.C. 20044

Perception Rek
P.O. Box 995
Aggro Hills, CA 91376-0995
(818) 594-7342


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