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Inject Me Red: Overdose

  1. Overdose (Single Mix)
  2. Overdose (Falling Faster Mix)

When I first received this cassette single in the mail all the envelope contained was the tape with the name of the band and titles of the tracks. All contact information was conspicuously absent and was only determined after an exhaustive net search. Just a hint for future releases, send along a bio on the band, and contact information with the release, don't just send the tape and expect the reviewer to have the patience to hunt down all the required information.

Musically speaking this tape is just a single song and a rather obnoxious remix of the title track. The programming is minimal at best and the entire song is written on a sequencer with a total lack of keyboard parts or live percussion. In fact it sounds like it was written completely on a home computer and vocals were added as a mere after thought. As a result the track is far from anything spectacular and is direly lacking any quantity of musical or lyrical depth. I suggest that Inject Me Red heads to the nearest music gear shop and invest some time and money into the proper equipment before proceeding any further with this musical endeavor. Otherwise the music is simply not going to get any better regardless of the skills of whomever engineered the single.

Inject Me Red is: J. Whedon

Inject Me Red
10248 Kessler
Overland Park, KS 66212


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