Information Society: Are Friends Electric?

  1. Are Friends Electric? (Edit)
  2. Seek 3000
  3. Are Friends Electric? (Album Version)

I find it rather interesting that the first Information Society single in almost a decade is a cover song rather than new material. Far be it for me to conclude that some lousy marketing representative has no idea what he is doing. Regardless, the single has seriously hyped the return of one of the better Synth-Pop Dance bands of the 80's. However be warned the only original member of the project is Kurt Harland. All the rest of the fomer members have gone on to release projects of their own, most notably being Paul Robb's "Think Tank" project available on Hakatak Records. Musically the single is a good example of the modernized Information Society with a new overall Electro spin to the music. Kurt has been keeping rather busy these days donating several tracks to compilations, like Control-Alt-Delete (Information Society Fanzine), and scoring several video games including the new X-Men arcade game. So his musical skills simply haven't had time to dull and the these three tracks most certainly prove it.

Information Society is: Kurt Harland

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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