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Informatik: Direct Memory Access V2.0

  1. Human Nature 5:04
  2. Autonomous 4:34
  3. At Your Command 4:53
  4. Peril Eyes 3:57
  5. I Confess (Repetance Mix) 4:19
  6. Immigrant Song 3:22
  7. Silicon 5:00
  8. Violation 4:36
  9. Autonomous (Nothing Is Real Mix) 5:57
  10. I Confess (I Wanted To Pray Mix) 5:05

This reissued version of the the original Informatik EP contains two brand new songs as well as a CD-ROM track making this new variant qualify as a full length album. Unfortunately the two new tracks are nothing to get all worked up about. Informatik has this slight problem of using the same cadence structure and rhyming scheme in all of it's songs and the two new tracks are not any different. So the end result is that the new material sounds practically identical to the older tracks. Overall the music is a very solid electronic industrial experience excellent for the dance floor even if it is a bit redundant at times. I am also still considerably pleased to hear the cover of the Led Zeppelin classic, "Immigrant Song" with it's original Robert Plant wail preserved at the beginning. Now if Informatik can just release some restructured material with a change in their formula compositional method, then I will be truly happy.

Informatik are: Matthew Crofoot & Da5id Din

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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