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Various Artists: Infiltrate & Corrupt

  1. Imbue - Chasing The Flag 4:18
  2. Deathline International - You Can't Take It! 3;45
  3. Fishtank No. 9 - My Disguise (Dementia Mix) 4:45
  4. Slave Unit - Life Unfolds (97 Edit) 4:30
  5. Finally God - Soiled 4:34
  6. The Razor Skyline - Hanged Man 3:39
  7. Urania - Zero Becomes One 3:59
  8. Battery - Doppleganger 3:58
  9. Index - Bliss (Extended Minimal fade) 7:50
  10. Dive - Growing Deep Inside 3:41
  11. Pulse Legion - Remains (A Capella Edit) 4:50
  12. Ivoux - Holle (Meow Mix) 4:27
  13. Soil & Eclipse - Rejoice 5:11

"Infiltrate & Corrupt" is the latest COP International sampler that focuses mostly on the new roster of acts on the label. These include new projects such as Pulse Legion and Soil & Eclipse, as well as side projects and new projects from older COP bands in the form of Urania, Ivoux, Imbue, and Fishtank No. 9. Pulse Legion and Soil & Eclipse hail originally from Hawaii and both have a unique approach to music. Pulse Legion heavily favor thick keyboards in their music as frequent comparisons to Mentallo & The Fixer can attest, while Soil & Eclipse focus more on the amazing vocal range of their two male singers. Urania and Imbue are projects which rose from the ashes of the disintegrated Under The Noise to exhibit a fresh new sound while still containing a few old roots that made their previous band so successful. Lastly Ivoux, the newest project on COP, is none other than the three virtuosos of Battery trying their hand at cold, dark, electronic poetry. Overall, "Infiltrate & Corrupt" is an excellent cross section of the COP International roster for anyone interested in sounds of their current roster.

COP International
981 Aileen St
Oakland, CA 94608


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