Album Cover

Various Artists: Industrial Strength

Disc 1:

  1. Mescalinum Mescalinum United
  2. Disintegrator Locked on Target
  3. English Muffin Blood of an English Muffin
  4. DJ Skinhead Fuckin' Hostile '96
  5. O.T.T. Raw (DJ Paul Mix)
  6. Strychnine Utopia Project
  7. Ralphie Dee Mad as Hell
  8. Delta Nine Never Stop
  9. Rob Gee Gabber Up Your Ass
  10. D.O.A. Wanna be a Gangsta
  11. D.O.A. Ya Mutha
  12. Bloody Fist Cunt Face
  13. Bloody Fist Cock Sucker
  14. DJ Skinhead Extreme Terror
  15. Temper Tantrum Anthem

Disc 2:

  1. Liza N Eliaz Romper Stomper DJ Mix
  2. Manu Le Malin Paris Hardcore DJ Mix

How does one describe a compilation where the all of the music was written using preset sounds from a Roland 808 or 909 keyboard? How are we expected to take a band seriously when all they do is loop four or five preset sounds for six to eight minutes and throw a bunch of tasteless pornography samples over the top? I suppose if all you want to do is dance yourself into a cardiac arrest to music so mindless that a monkey could program it given a few hours alone with the keyboard than perhaps you might enjoy this but if your looking for music with depth you should really consider looking elsewhere. The one saving grace of the double disc set is the second half of the compilation which consists of two live DJ sets. Here is where the real musical talent enters in the picture as a real person attempts to mix down multiple high bpm tracks without drawing an irate response from their dance audience by mistiming the beat. Gabba certainly is the new dance floor phenomenon to arrive from Europe and is by far the fastest, and most grueling to experience in the clubs but that is really where the music ought to stay as any serious music would certainly dismiss their genre and mindlessly derivative tripe.

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