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Various Artists: Industrial Mix Machine

Disc 1:

  1. Front Line Assembly - Neologic Spasm (Dislocated Mix)
  2. Spahn Ranch - Heretic's Fork (Belief Mix)
  3. Die Krupps - Language of Reality (Charlie Clouser Mix)
  4. Pygmy Children - Intensity (Sanctified Mix)
  5. Penal Colony - Reconciled (No Remorse Mix)
  6. Project Pitchfork - Renaissance (Infinity Mix)
  7. Psychic TV - Fire Woman (Cevin Key Mix)
  8. Christian Death - Figurative Theatre (Klute Mix)
  9. Godheads - Eternal Youth (Psycho Mix)
  10. Good Courage - The World Will Go On (Snowy Norway Mix)
  11. Digital Poodle - Left/Right (Incarnate Mix)
  12. Lights of Euphoria - Injustice (Leaetherstrip Mix)
  13. Evil Mothers - You Had Enough (Pigface Mix)

Disc 2:

  1. Pigface - Steamroller (Skatenigs Mix)
  2. Birmingham 6 - Police State (E-State Mix)
  3. Razed in Black - Just Let Go (Cold Reality Mix)
  4. Regenerator - Everyone Follow (Spazmix)
  5. Haujobb - World Window (Fusion Mix)
  6. Waiting For God - 2 Extremes (Collide Mix)
  7. 16 Volt - Stitched (Face Rip Mix)
  8. The Damned - Shut It (Paul Raven Mix)
  9. Hate Dept. - Start Digging (The Giver/Taker Mix)
  10. Leaetherstrip - Lies To Tell (Lights of Euphoria Mix)
  11. Kill Switch... Klick - Kontorted (And Christ Wept Mix)

Just when you think Cleopatra cannot possibly think of another conceptual compilation, they go and do it again. This time it is a collection of Industrial remixes from all across the Post-Industrial world. The sad thing is that if you already own an album by any of the artists present on this 2 CD set, then you probably already have most of these remixes. The whole release would have definitely have benefited from a whole new batch of remixes rather than the tired and overplayed ones actually present here. The only saving grace is that a handful of the remixes are actually from bands not on Cleopatra Records which means that at least a few tracks might be at least vaguely new. Unfortunately, as is the case with all these remix compilations, if you didn't like the original version of the track then the remix isn't going to do much for you either. Realistically the only reason to buy this compilation is as an introduction to artists you've never heard before or as a sampler for a genre you've just become acquainted with.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
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